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 Quantity pricing is available for download in PDF format. Minimum order quantities for this pricing is 10,000 pieces. Bulk quantity order is only available by telephone. Please call for Bulk Quantity Ordering. Small Quantity orders are accepted online by clicking on the links to the right.

 BC 01/02/03 Trans Clip w/pad


Canon PG40/50 Cap 



Canon BC-20 Trans Clip Orange



Lexmark/Dell Universal Snap-On Replacement for 10N0016/10N0026 Dell TO529/TO530



Dell Cap M4640-J5566 Black



Dell Cap M4646 Color



HP 14/26/29/49 Trans Cap



HP 45/15/Transport Clip



HP 49 Sponge Retainer



HP 1823/78 Trans Clip Box Style




This clip covers HP 51604A,51605B & 51605R  Trans Clip 

 Painted yellow to show up better against the cartridge.



HP c6656a/8727 Replacement Cap Gray



HP c6657a/8728 Replacement Cap Blue



HP c6658a Replacement Cap Red



HP 56 Thru 94 Transport Clip



Lexmark 10N0016/26 Trans Clip



Lexmark 32/34/82/83 Trans Clip w/Pads



Lexmark 80 Sponge Retainer



Lexmark 83 Sponge Retainer



Lexmark 97/98 Dell J740 Clip



Lexmark 1970 Style Replacement Cap - Snap-On - Black



Lexmark 1970 Style Replacement Cap - Snap-On - Available OEM Colors



Lexmark 1970 Style Replacement Cap - Weld/Glue On - Available OEM Colors



Lexmark Replacement Cap 1980 - Available OEM Colors



Universal Lex/Dell Cap - Replacement - 10N0016/10N0026



Lexmark Replacement Cap 32/34



Lexmark 10N0026 Sponge Retainer



Sharp UX-C70B Replacement Cap



Universal Lex/Dell Replacement Black Cap - 7Y743/U82



Universal Lex/Dell Color Cap - 7Y745/U-83



Cartridge Vent Plug 4mm




Black Cap Replacement Cap for Dell Cartridges
 DH #828  Dh #829


Dark Green Lexmark Universal Snap-On Cap  
#10N0016 Style Cartridge


Light Green Lexmark Universal Snap-On Cap  
#10N0026 Style Cartridge


Red Clip Transport clips for 
Pitney Bowes Postal
Meter Cartridge
# 769-0
We Also have black

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